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FDT Your Trusted Partner for Symantec Product Solutions

As a trusted cybersecurity partner, FDT collaborates closely with Symantec to deliver cutting-edge solutions that protect organizations from evolving cyber threats. Through this partnership, FDT brings Symantec's industry-leading products and expertise to businesses, ensuring comprehensive security measures across their digital landscape. With FDT as your trusted partner, you can confidently implement and leverage Symantec's powerful cybersecurity products. FDT's expertise in Symantec technologies, coupled with our commitment to exceptional service, ensures that organizations receive tailored solutions, seamless integration,and ongoing support to maximize the value of Symantec's products and protect their digital assets effectively.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection

FDT partners with Symantec to offer organizations the robust Symantec Endpoint Protection solution. With FDT's implementation and support, businesses can defend their endpoints from malware, ransomware, and other sophisticated threats, keeping their devices and sensitive data secure.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

FDT harnesses the power of Symantec Data Loss Prevention to help organizations prevent data breaches and protect their valuable information. By leveraging FDT's expertise, businesses can implement data protection policies, monitor data usage, and ensure compliance, mitigating the risk of data loss.

Symantec CloudSOC

FDT integrates Symantec CloudSOC into organizations' cloud environments to provide enhanced visibility, protection, and compliance. Through FDT's implementation and support, businesses can secure their cloud applications and services, detect and remediate cloud-based threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Symantec Web Security Service

FDT partners with Symantec to deliver the Web Security Service, enabling businesses to protect their users from web-based threats. With FDT's expertise, organizations can benefit from real-time threat intelligence, URL filtering, and advanced malware protection, ensuring secure web browsing experiences.

Empowering Organizations with FDT’s Symantec Enterprise Cloud

FDT partners with Symantec to provide organizations with Symantec Enterprise Cloud, a powerful data-centric hybrid security solution designed to protect the most demanding environments. With FDT's expertise and support, businesses can confidently leverage Symantec Enterprise Cloud to safeguard their critical assets across devices, private data centers, and the cloud.

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Comprehensive Protection

Symantec Enterprise Cloud offers comprehensive protection for organizations of all sizes. FDT works closely with businesses to understand their unique security needs and tailors the implementation of Symantec Enterprise Cloud to provide robust defense against evolving cyber threats.
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Data-Centric Security

Symantec Enterprise Cloud prioritizes data-centric security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected wherever it resides. FDT assists organizations in implementing data protection policies, monitoring data usage, and detecting and mitigating data breaches, providing enhanced visibility and control over valuable data assets.
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Hybrid Security for Dynamic Environments

FDT recognizes the complexity of modern IT infrastructures and the increasing adoption of hybrid environments. With Symantec Enterprise Cloud, organizations can secure their devices, private data centers, and cloud workloads seamlessly, regardless of their deployment models. FDT assists in the smooth integration of Symantec Enterprise Cloud into existing infrastructure, enabling businesses to achieve consistent security across their entire digital landscape.
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Scalability and Flexibility

Symantec Enterprise Cloud offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of organizations. FDT works with businesses to ensure that Symantec's solution scales effectively, providing protection as their operations grow. With FDT's support, organizations can easily adapt Symantec Enterprise Cloud to their evolving security requirements, ensuring ongoing effectiveness.

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Why Do Organizations Need Our Symantec Solutions?

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Increasingly Sophisticated Threat Landscape

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and persistent, organizations need robust cybersecurity measures to combat these challenges effectively. FDT’s Symantec solutions equip businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to stay ahead of evolving threats.
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Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Organizations face stringent compliance and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust. FDT helps businesses meet these obligations by providing Symantec solutions that ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and data protection standards.
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Resource Constraints

Many organizations struggle with limited internal resources and expertise to implement and manage complex cybersecurity solutions effectively.  FDT relieves this burden by offering comprehensive Symantec cybersecurity services, allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies while ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

Benefits of using FDT’s Symantec Solutions

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Unleashing Cutting-Edge Solutions

Tap into the collective expertise of Symantec and FDT. Our certified cybersecurity professionals provide expert guidance, seamless implementation, and round-the-clock support to ensure the seamless integration and operation of Symantec's solutions within your infrastructure. Trust in our expertise as we safeguard your digital landscape.

Comprehensive Fortification

Safeguard your critical assets with a powerful arsenal of cybersecurity solutions. By combining Symantec's robust portfolio with FDT's implementation prowess, fortify your defenses with a multi-layered strategy that thwarts attacks from every angle, ensuring holistic protection.

Tailored Armor

We understand that your cybersecurity needs are unique. With the Symantec and FDT partnership, benefit from personalized solutions that align with your specific requirements, industry regulations, and compliance standards. Our tailored approach ensures that your cybersecurity measures fit like a custom-made suit.

Proactive Vigilance

Stay one step ahead of potential threats with Symantec's advanced threat intelligence and FDT's proactive monitoring and detection services. Harness real-time insights and analytics to identify and respond swiftly, minimizing the impact of cyber incidents and reducing downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Symantec DLP, and how does it work?

Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is a cybersecurity solution that helps organizations protect sensitive data by monitoring, classifying, and preventing its unauthorized disclosure. It uses content inspection, contextual analysis, and policy enforcement to secure data.

What types of data can Symantec protect?

Symantec DLP can protect a wide range of sensitive data, including intellectual property, customer information, financial data, and more. It supports various file formats and data sources, making it versatile in protecting critical information.

Is Symantec DLP compliant with data privacy regulations in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Symantec DLP is designed to assist organizations in achieving compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. It helps in enforcing data security policies and reporting to maintain regulatory compliance.

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